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Project title The Odds of Being You: A zoomonster from planet PlanktoniaFeatured science projectScience project video
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Heredity can be a complicated process, but the basic principles of heredity result from the fact that you inherit half of your genes from your mother and half from your father. Because of this, heredity is comparable to a coin toss, with the genes of each parent represented by one side of the coin. For each trait that you have, you get heads or tails, your mother's or father's genes. In this project, you are going to travel to the planket Planktonia to perform breeding experiments. You will design a zoomonster by performing coin tosses for each trait. This project will give you a sense of the diversity of phenotypes that can result from two parents. Good luck and remember to wear your breathing mask! 

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For this science fair project, let's put on our jet packs and head to the planet "Planktonia" to perform some breeding experiments. Students, heed this warning: keep your breathing mask on at all times, and please, do not swim in the water!! * Use the key provided ("Zoomonsters of planet Planktonia") to design your "zoomonster". To do this you are going to perform 10 coin tosses, one for each of the traits described by the key. If you get heads, you will choose the dominant trait under the heads column. If you get tails, you will choose the recessive .....
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