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Project title Does music facilitate short term memory?Science project video
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Music has been proven scientifically to have beneficial effects, both mentally and physically. Music has been shown to reduce blood pressure, change our heart and respiration rates, relieve stress and muscle tension. How you ever wondered whether music also affects our short term memory? Many students prefer to study while listening to music, and maybe they should in fact do so, if doing so will help them remember what they read for upcoming exams! In this experiment, participants will be divided into two groups; one will have the opportunity to listen to music as they view an image. The second will view the image without music. These groups will consist of an equal number of males and females, of approximately the same age and level of education. Each group will be tested on their ability to recall the details of the image. Results of the experiment will demonstrate if music actually makes a difference in memory, and if so, whether this differs between genders. 

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*Group A: Advise the participant that they are to study the picture for 3 minutes. After viewing the picture, collect the picture from the participant. Ask the participant to recall as many details he or she can of the picture. He/she should describe the details thoroughly, being as specific as possible. *Group B: Repeat as in procedure with Group B, only have the participant select their preferred style of music to listen to as they study the picture. *Repeat these procedures with all members of the two groups, entering their data in the table provided. *Is there a difference .....
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