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Does music facilitate short term memory?Science project video


As you conduct your experiment, you should be well aware of your experiment constants and variables. It would be necessary to ensure that your participants are broadly of the same age and education background, as these variables may affect your results. Ideally, you should try to work with as large a sample of participants as possible.

Questions & Answers

How does music affect the human mind?

Music can improve memory retrieval, change our moods, reduce stress, and is in fact a proven tool for use in music therapy and for helping Alzheimer?s patients.

Make it Your Own

Try white noise in the experiment with a third group.

You could also modify your science project, to observe whether different genres of music produce different results.


"The Power of Music' to Affect the Brain" from NPR web site

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    This includes the amount of time required to recruit participants and prepare music samples.
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