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The Golden Ratio: The power of attractionScience project video



Obtain five to eight headshots (or portraits photographs) of males and an equal number of headshots of females. The headshots should be a minimum of 5 inches by 7 inches so that you can clearly see the facial features. Sources of photographs can be:

  • Magazines
  • Internet
  • Your own photo collection
  • Photos you have taken yourself.

Assign a number to each photograph (you can write the number on the back of the photo). You will use this for tracking the results of the science project.

Before deciding to use the photographs, it is recommended that you first determine if you can apply the Golden Ratio to them (See resources in bibliography).

Conducting the experiment:

  1. Have females rate the male photographs according to level of attractiveness. Use a scale of 1-5 with one being the lowest and five the highest. Note the participant?s response on a note pad for each photograph (Example: Photo graph 1 received a score of 3).
  2. Repeat these steps until all female participants have rated the photographs.
  3. Repeat this process with the male participants rating the female photographs.

When you have compiled all the data, evaluate each photograph using the Golden Ratio. For example, you could evaluate how your nose, in relation to your mouth, fits the Golden ratio by doing the following:

  1. Measure the width of the your nose and as well as the distance between the tip of your nose to your lips.
  2. Add the two measurements together to get the sum.
  3. Divide the sum by the larger measurement.
  4. The closer the final answer is to 1.618, the more your nose will "fit" the Golden Ratio.

(See resource in bibliography for how to calculate the Golden Ration of the face. Start with the article "How to Calculate the Golden Ratio Face," followed with "The Human Face." This article will provide graphics to support the first article). Note: This step can also be performed before conducting the experiment.

Did the photograph or photographs that received the highest ratings have the Golden Ratio?

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