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The Golden Ratio: The power of attractionScience project video


The Golden Ratio is just one theory that believes all of life has, at a fundamental level, a mathematical composition. Whether it is a human face or a sea shell, the Golden Ratio may explain both its structural pattern as wells its visual appeal. But is this phenomenon inherent in nature or are we simply imposing a perspective on nature that exists only in our own minds, in our attempt to make sense of the world around us?

Questions & Answers

Why does the Golden Ratio work?

There are different theories as to why the Golden Ratio works One theory is that everything in the world follows a fundamental mathematical structure, and that it is natural for us to be attracted to situations where the Golden Ratio is evident. The other possibility is simply that we tend to look for patterns in life in order to make sense of our experience.

Make it Your Own

Repeat the experiment using objects of nature such as flowers or rocks.


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