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The kingdoms in a water drop: an introduction to microscopy and the kingdoms of lifeFeatured science projectScience project video


  • 1 bucket or 2-3 glass jars with screw tops
  • Compound light microscope
  • Glass microscope slides (only need one as it can be rinsed and reused)
  • Cover slips for slides (1 box; as it would be easier to use a new one for each wet mount)
  • Eyedropper
  • Paper and pencil
  • Wagon or cart (if needed to assist you in transporting the bucket or jars of water)
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    Complexity level:
    Project cost ($):
    Time required:
    This science project may be completed in 1 hour if water samples are provided. Otherwise, you should allocate 1 day to complete the experiment, if water samples need to be collected. Natural water samples vary by how many living organisms can be found in a
    Material availability:
    You will need access to a pond or pond water samples. You will also need access to a compound light microscope to examine the samples.
    Safety concerns:

    Practice good hygiene after collecting and handling water samples from a pond. Some ponds may contain pollutants or fecal material (such as from waterfowl, fish or sewage).