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Dissolved oxygen and the temperature of waterScience project video


Marine life in the extreme depths of the ocean is less abundant than waters closer to the surface. Yet, dissolved oxygen is more abundant in cooler waters, which is characteristic of deep sea waters. You would therefore typically expect to find a greater concentration of marine life in what should be oxygen-rich deep sea waters. How would you explain this apparent contradiction?

Questions & Answers

What is dissolved oxygen?

The amount of oxygen dissolved in water. Under average conditions, the concentration of oxygen in water is at less than one percent.

Make it Your Own

Conduct an experiment to find when water contains a peak concentration of oxygen.

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    Complexity level:
    Project cost ($):
    Time required:
    Does not include time required to obtain a water quality kit, which may be purchased online or at an aquarium shop.
    Material availability:
    Safety concerns:

    This science fair project involves an electric aquarium heater and water as well as chemicals contained in the water quality kit. Appropriate care should be taken to avoid injuries.