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Memory "chunking"!Science project video


Pre experiment

Prepare the two poster boards as described in the "background" section. You can use the same symbols or you can choose your own letter and number sequences. The first poster board should show the random symbols; the second poster board will show the symbols "chunked."

Conducting the Experiment

  1. Test one participant at a time.
  2. Present the first poster board to the participant.
  3. Advise the participant that he or she has 30 seconds to memorize the symbols.
  4. When the 30 seconds are over, remove the poster board from view.
  5. Ask the participant to repeat back to you, as many symbols as he or she is able to.
  6. Note the number of correct responses on the data sheet.
  7. Repeat this procedure with poster board 2.
  8. When all the participants have been tested, total up the correct responses of all participants for both the first and second poster board.
  9. Based on the totals, was there improvement in the number of correct responses between the two boards?

Data Sheet

Poster board 1 (Number of correct responses)

Poster board 2 (Number of correct responses)

Participant 1

Participant 2

Participant 3

Participant 4

Participant 5

Participant 6

Participant 7

Participant 8

Participant 9

Participant 10


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