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1. We know that Vitamin C will make the purple iodine solution lighter. Which of the jars contained the most Vitamin C?
2. Which of the jars contained the least Vitamin C?
3. How did the raw foods compare to the cooked foods?
4. Was our hypothesis correct?
5. Would you recommend cooking fruits and vegetables to get more Vitamin C?

Questions & Answers

Will a purple iodine / starch solution get darker or lighter when Vitamin C is added


Make it Your Own

Compare Vitamin C contents of a larger variety of raw and cooked fruits. These can include kiwi, spinach, cantaloupe, oranges, leafy greens and even juice! See which is the best source for Vitamin C by testing the vitamin C content of each raw / cooked variety.


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    Complexity level:
    Project cost ($):
    Time required:
    15 minutes to simmer fruit. 1-2 hours for set-up and completion of other lab steps.
    Material availability:
    Most materials can be found at a grocery store. Iodine can be purchased from a drug store or online. Graduated cylinders and lab hot plates can likely be found in a school laboratory or at laboratory supply store.
    Safety concerns:

    You should avoid ingesting iodine or getting it into the mouth or eyes. Burning hazard from cooking fruits. Food processors should be used under adult supervision.