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Did you know that sound is produced by vibrations? Have you ever hit a drum? When you strike a drum, you will cause the drum skin to vibrate very quickly. This "pushes" the air around the drum, producing sound that reaches our ears. Can you think of other things that produce sound? Today, we are going to make our own music with water and a glass. At first glance this doesn't seem possible. How can we turn a drinking glass into an instrument, you might ask? Well, you will see how this works in the following experiment. You will also learn how to create sound by rubbing your wet fingers along the top of stemware. Experimentation will show differences in the sound produced, with sans without water in the glass. 

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* Fill a stem glass half-way with water. * Wet your finger with water from the glass. * Grab on to the base of the glass with the other hand to secure it. * Move your wet finger slowly around the rim of the glass. * You'll see that the glass begins to "sing!" * Pour out some of the water and repeat the procedure. Think about what you notice. * Add some water so that the glass is more than half full and repeat the procedure. What do you notice when there is more water in the glass? .....
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