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In this science project, you are going to use different types of dried beans like pinto, kidney, and great northern beans to represent protons neutrons and electrons. You will select 5 atoms per group and proceed to build models of these atoms on paper plates using Elmer's glue. You should also include ions and isotopes as variations of these atoms. 

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1. Draw from a bowl or hat, 5 different element cards the teacher has prepared. 2. Get 5 paper plates, glue, small cups of dried pinto beans, dried kidney beans, and dried rice (or corn kernels). 3. Using the pinto beans as neutrons, the kidney beans as protons, and the rice as electrons, build a model of each atom, ion, or isotope shown on the card. 4. It is important that the pinto beans and kidney beans are glued in the center as packed as tightly as possible to represent the nucleus. Also, the rice (electrons) should be glued .....
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