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  1. Visit a bird facility and look for five species of birds that exhibit a variety of beak shapes.
  2. Take a photograph or draw a picture of each of the bird species.Note both the common name and the scientific name of each species.
  3. Visit the tools section of a hardware store or home improvement store. Look for tools that resemble the beak structure of each of the bird species.
  4. Find out the purpose of the tools that you have selected and record it in your journal (Remember, you are not looking for the specific purpose of the tool (such as: The purpose of wire cutters is to cut or strip wire); rather, you should understand how the tool functions (Example: Cutting, slicing, probing, crushing, or holding).
  5. Infer which tool best represents each of the bird species.
  6. Based on the purpose of the tool and the structure of the birds beak, create a hypothesis of what you think the bird eats.
  7. Use the internet and research each bird species to find out the diet of each species.
  8. How accurate were your hypothesis's?
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