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Organisms often follow a pattern or rhythm in their behavior. Birds migrate at a certain time of the year, while many animals sleep by day and are active by night. Many people can tell when lunch time has arrived without looking at a clock. Can fish do the same? This is the subject of this interesting zoology science fair project.


Identify patterns of behavior in fish and establish whether it is possible to modify these patterns of behavior.

Scientific Terms

Biological Clock,


The biological clock, also known as the circadian rhythm, is an aspect of living organisms that regulates daily activities such as eating and sleeping. In plants, the biological clock tells the plant when to bloom or sprout. Can aquarium fish anticipate feeding time? What happens if the feeding time is changed? Can their biological clock be altered? Refer to the bibliography section for more information on biological clocks.

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    This science fair project for 5th graders, requires time to observe the behavior of the fish before starting the experiment. Additional time is also required to condition the fish to a new feeding schedule.
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