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  1. To prepare for this cool science project, observe your fish daily to familiarize yourself with their swimming patterns. Does the fish tend to occupy certain parts of the tank more so than others?
  2. Create a feeding schedule whereby you feed your fish each day at the same time of the day.
  3. After a period of 1 week approximately, notice where the fish positions itself within the tank during feeding time.
  4. Continue for another 3 days, observing the fish's location at feeding time. Is the fish demonstrating a consistent pattern of behavior at feeding time?
  5. On day 4, change the feeding time. Observe the fish daily, both during the old feeding time and the new feeding time. How long does it take before the fish adjust to the new feeding time?
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    This science fair project for 5th graders, requires time to observe the behavior of the fish before starting the experiment. Additional time is also required to condition the fish to a new feeding schedule.
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