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Project title Cave Formations: Stalactite and Stalagmite FormationFeatured science projectScience project video
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Caves are amazing underground places. They are not just dark, damp places full of bats. Caves have features that are found nowhere else on Earth. Two such features are called stalactites and stalagmites. These are the icicle-like formations that hang from a cave ceiling and cone shaped formations that pile up on the cave floor. How did these fascinating cave features form? Just how does a stalactite and stalagmite form? 

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1. Fill each jar about 2/3 full with hot tap water. Stir in as much Epson salt that will dissolve into each jar. Set aside for about 24 hours. 2. Take about 12-18 inches of yarn and tie one weight on each end. 3. Select a location that the stalactite and stalagmite model can be observed, but not bumped or moved. The formation created is very delicate! 4. Place the small plate between each jar. Place the ends of each string with the attached weight into jars. Place the jars far enough apart so that the middle of the .....
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