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  1. Visit one or more of the recommended animal or plant facilities (Note: Choose animal or plant species, not both.
  2. Select three different species that interest you.
  3. While viewing the species, take a photograph or make a drawing of the species. Note both the common and scientific name for each of the species.
  4. Using the internet, research the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genius, for each of the species.
  5. Compare the taxonomy of your species as described in the background section.
  6. At what level or levels do you see commonality?
  7. Use the poster board to create a display for your science fair project. Include the following:
    1. An introduction to what taxonomy means.
    2. The objective of the science project.
    3. Photographs of your species.
    4. The common and scientific names of the species.
    5. An explanation of the level or levels that the species in common.
    6. A conclusion of what you learned from the project.
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