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Project title Cookie mining lab - Understanding why we should protect our environment from damage caused by miningFeatured science projectScience project video
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As environmental science students, we need to learn the importance of minimizing the impact of our actions on the world around us. Did you know that when miners drill into or strip the earth to obtain ore or fossil fuels, they can cause great environmental harm? In this science project, we will be operating our own "mine" to understand how mining can damage our environment . We will be mining "coal" in the form of chocolate chips from your cookie using a paper clip. 

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Safety note: We NEVER put ANY scientific experiment in our mouths. *Lay down a sheet of newspaper or paper towel on your desk for easy clean-up. *Obtain 2 cookies and 1 bent paper clip per person from your teacher. *For the first cookie, you will remove the chips without considering the damage you do to the cookie. Using only the paper clip, get as many chips out as you can. Do not break the chips into smaller pieces after they have been mined. Note: Do not throw away or drop any of your cookie. We will be analyzing it. .....
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