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 The Ultimate Science Fair Project Guide for Parents and Students of All Levels


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A Book for All Parents

This easy to read book is suitable for parents looking to helping their child with their science project. It doesn't matter if your child is in elementary, middle or high school - the book will tell you the most important things to watch out for.

It puts together everything you need to know in one neat little package. No more, no less. This book will not bore you. It's not written in fancy language, and you don't need to know a whole lot about science projects to appreciate the tips and guidance offered.


Some Things You'll Find in the Book

  1. Understand criteria for grading projects used by science fair judges.

  2. Systematically arrive at an idea that really interests you - avoid wasting time by randomly choosing a topic or by trial an error.

  3. Learn important scientific terms like "the scientific method", "hypothesis", "controlled variables". This book provides concise but clear explanations.

  4. Learn how to conduct and record a proper experiment. - this book walks you through the entire process, step-by-step.

  5. Learn how to display your project. Knowing that judges look out for will help increase your presentation points. We provide a detailed guide.

We'll take you through a complete project as an example, to illustrate and reinforce the different chapters of the book. We will hand-hold you through the entire process of forming your idea, right through to researching, experimenting, reporting and presenting your project. All content is explained in plain, simple language, with plenty of colorful illustrations and charts!

There are many science books out there, but very few are similar to Science Fair Projects Made Easy! Some books have too many samples, but don't offer enough guidance. Some are the other way around, with too much theory. We at Science School Publishing have worked hard to come up with well thought-out, balanced information for you. We know you're busy, but want to help your child and show that you care. So we set about on a mission to put together a helpful package that will help put you on the right track, and give you the knowledge that you need to truly experience a meaningful time with your science project!


Package Deal

We've worked with the publisher to offer you a bonus package that includes the following:

A. Science Fair Projects MADE EASY! e-book

- The instantly downloadable e-book. No need to wait for the typical 5-10 days for your book to arrive in the mail! Within minutes, you'll be able to read the e-book from any computer at work or at home, or print hardcopies if you wish ... You choose!

B. The Project Toolkit! included inside the book. consisting of the following:-

  1. A sample Judging Sheet - for scoring your project.
  2. A Personal Checklist - to easily keep track if you're doing things right or missing something important.
  3. A sample Project Calendar - to help plan out the different steps of your project - so that you finish on time.

To provide the best value, we've also included 2 bonus items.

C. *Bonus #1: Computerized Judging Sheet, worth $9.99

Take the guess work out scoring!

With the computerized Judging Sheet, fill in your details and your score will be tallied and analyzed automatically. This will give you a good understanding of how you might be graded in your project. It also shows you which areas you need to improve on before submitting your project. Continuously referring to the Judging Sheet will provide feedback on what you need to do to score top grades. The Judging Sheet will serve as your own "personal tutor", helping you see your own strengths and weaknesses.

D. *Bonus #2: Computerized Personal ScoreCard, worth $9.99

Keep track of your own progress with a few clicks of the mouse!

The computerized Personal ScoreCard provides an easy way for you to know if you've missed out any steps in your project. With a few clicks of the mouse, you'll be shown the percentage completion for each project phase. This is a good tool for those wanting to take an organized approach to science fair projects.

Note: *Microsoft Excel or compatible software required to run the computerized judging sheet and personal scorecard.

The value of the bonus items alone add up to $19.98. Regular pricing is in excess of $40.00 for the e-book with bonuses. However, we've negotiated a package deal with the publisher to offer you the entire package for a reasonable $15.95. You'll get the Science Fair Projects MADE EASY! (the e-book), the Project Toolkit plus the two bonus items. That's less than half the standard price.

We believe that this investment will substantially improve your understanding of science fair projects - and provide your child with solid guidance with his or her project.

Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that this book will help you understand what it takes to score top grades in your Science Fair Project. And to prove this, we've made arrangements with the publisher to offer you a no-risk 100% money back guarantee. Order Science Fair Projects MADE EASY! right now, and if you aren't completely satisfied, simply contact us anytime within 90 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Ordering and downloading

The easiest way to instantly purchase this book is to pay by credit card through the reputable ClickBank secure online purchasing site. Your credit card number will be protected using SSL encryption technology. You'll be able to instantly download the e-book and get cracking at your project immediately!

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