Top Recommendations

  • Mad Scientist Forum
    Absolutely the best way to get help for your science project. Now with over 1000 members and growing, the Mad Scientist and his team of Mentors have helped thousands of students from all over the world with their science project problems!

What is the Scientific Method?

How to do a Science Fair Project: Tips and Guides

Science Fair Project Rules

General Information on Science Fair Projects and the study of Science

Information on some Science Fairs

Miscellaneous Resources

  • California Science Teachers Association
    CSTA represents science educators statewide - in every science discipline at every grade level, Kindergarten through University.
  • Earth2Class
    A unique science learning resource for K-12 students, teachers, and administrators created through the collaboration of researchers at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, curriculum and technology integration specialists from Teachers College, Columbia
  • Information on Dog Breeds of Every Type!
    Whilst this site may not seem directly relevant to science fair projects, we personally think that this really cool site is worth the visit, especially if you've always had questions about any dog breeds, history or behaviour of these friendly pets!
  • Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary
    We've found BIGpedia to be a really amazing online encyclopedia where you can learn about almost anything under the sun! The Science, History, American History and Biographies sections (plus virtually everything else that you'll find on the site) are simp
  • Ventura County Science Fair
    Visit the Ventura County Science Fair website
  • Visual Perception
    A very useful site for science projects on visual perception

Newest Additions

  • Centreville Middle School Science Fair
    This school science fair site has been referenced by a number of other schools in our region of the country. There is a tremendous amount of "how to" and "idea" information for your science fair projects, plus a number of exemplary projects.
  • Computers in the Classroom
    Courtesy of the Greater Essex County District School Board