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Doppler Direction Finder Kit (Sold Out)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Doppler Direction Finder Kit  (Sold Out)

Brief Description of this Kit:

Get in on the fun of radio direction finding (RDF) with this super kit! The latest in affordable Doppler direction finding equipment available in a complete kit form. It even includes the receiving antenna assembly! A must for the "fox hunter" at an unheard of price!Radio direction finding is a fascinating hobby that has been becoming more and more popular in today's portable world. With intentional jammers and other unknown transmitters becoming more frequent Doppler DF locators have become the rage with a display that gives you a direct bearing on the location of the transmitter. Pretty neat trick considering you don't need multiple separate receivers at different locations to triangulate on the mystery transmitter. Up to now directional antennas with a good front to back ratio (such as Yagi's or Quads) were required and were tough to use. However it's a little bit impractical to mount a Yagi or Quad to the roof of your car for mobile applications. A much more practical approach to the mobile application is to use four 1/4Wave antennas and the Doppler principal.The kit includes the Doppler Direction Finder display unit and all the parts necessary to build your own four point 5 piece magnetic antenna assembly for easy setup and use. Operates on 12VDC and includes a matching 12VDC power plug for custom integration and connection into your vehicle or portable power supply. Easy to hook up to any FM receiver. Transmitter (the object of your DF'ing) need not be FM it can be AM/FM or CW. Requires only a connection to your receiver's speaker jack and radio's antenna. The whips can be cut and optimized for any frequency from 130-1000 MHz. An easy to build reliable kit that compares most favorably to commercial units costing upwards of $1000.00!<ul><li>Track down jammers and hidden transmitters with ease!<li>The Hit at the 1999 Dayton Hamvention!<li>Elegant and cost effective design thanks to WA2EBY ! <li>Featured in April / May 1999 QST Article.<li>Solid state antenna switching for "rock solid" performance.<li>Convenient LED 22.5 degree bearing indicator.<li>Audio Level indicator for trouble free operation.<li>Adjustable damping rate phase inversion scan enable / disable.<li>Complete with home brew "mag mount" antennas and cable designed for quick set up and operation.<li>Utilizes latest high speed CMOS technology for signal conditioning and audio processing!<li>Complete and informative instructions guide you to a kit that works the first time every time - enhances resale value too !</ul> Please note this item is oversized and will ship UPS Ground for the 2-dayprice or 2-day for the overnight price. We offer the manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format right <a href="
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