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Keypad Lock for Garage Doors Kit (Special Deal)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Keypad Lock for Garage Doors Kit (Special Deal)

Brief Description of this Kit:

This combination lock keypad kit can be used to open your garage door from the outside. Has lots of changeable combinations and looks sharp on the outside of you garage or room. Very safe impossible to break the combination with many fail-safes built into the chip. You must hit the 4 number combination exactly in order in a certain amount of time or it will not open the door thus foiling any attempt to guess at the combination. If you hit a wrong number you just start over. This is a professional device but it is easy to build and install. Runs on 9 to 12VDC. It will last for years and is easily maintained. Comes with complete instructions and all necessary parts including a relay not shown above.
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