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High Quality BW Monitor

Science Fair Projects Kits Review High Quality BW Monitor

Brief Description of this Kit:

<form method=post action="/cgi-bin/commerce.exe">Black And White 12áHigh Resolution Black and White Security Monitor!<ul> <li>High resolution for professional security use<li> Heavy duty metal case<li> 1000 lines of resolution</ul>This high resolution security monitor is sure to impress you. With 1000 lines of resolution the picture is sure to be sharp and easy on the eyes. The metal case is great for portable or other applications where toughness is required. The connections on this monitor are BNC so you won't have to use an adaptor when you use this with a professional camera. If you choose to use a camera system that has RCA jacks BNC to RCA adaptors are readily available for less than a dollar. Of course to really put this monitor to use you'll want a video switcherprocessor. That's why we sell one! Of course without the switch you can only watch one source at a time but this monitor does have a video pass though to hook your VCR or other recording device up to. <div align="center"> SPECIFICATIONS Specifications: Safety Picture Tube Size Power Source Power Consumption Video Input Signal Video Input Impedance Bandwidth Video Gain Resolution Linear Distortion EIA Operation System CCIR Operation System Environmental Specifications: Operation Temperature Optional Specifications: Power Source Audio Input Audio Output Speaker Impedance Physical Specifications: External Controls Rear Panel Controls Dimensions Weight net/gross á Data: UL / CSA / FCC / CE 12" 110 / 117 VAC 60Hz 30 watts Composite Video - 0.5 ~ 2.0Vp-p Negative Sync 75ohm or High Impedance Switchable 100Hz ~ 10MHz (-3db) 30db 1000 Lines Center / 800 Lines Corner Horizontal 15% max / Vertical 10% max Horizontal 15750Hz / Vertical 60HZ Horizontal 15625Hz / Vertical 60HZ á -10 ~ 55 degrees Celsius 100 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC 50Hz .5 watts/8ohm @ 10% THD .5 watts/8ohm @ 10% THD 8ohm á Power / Horizontal Hold / Vertical Hold
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