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Color Quad Processor

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Color Quad Processor

Brief Description of this Kit:

<form method=post action="/cgi-bin/commerce.exe">High Quality Color Quad ProcessoráColor Professional Quad Processor Switch!This color professional quad processorswitch really amazed us! It's simple to setup but has all the power and features you'd expect from units costing hundreds more. This processor accepts 4 cameras via professional BNC connectors. Once the connections are made plug it in and this unit provides a full color real time quad image or it can switch between each camera and the quad image. The picture quality is so impressive and the unit so easy to use we thought that was all there was to this processor. Then we discovered you can actually freeze frames with the press of a button! You don't need to play back a tape to get a still frame from one of your cameras you can just press a button and grab that frame in real time! Next we found the on screen display menu this is where all the really great stuff is. You can name your cameras set up your alarm system and fully adjust the video settings for all your cameras from this user friendly menu system. As if all these features weren't enough this unit even has an alarm connection on the back via a DB9 connector! You can use this connector to connect to your other alarm equipment or even use it to connect to a computer for remote control! Imagine being able to remotely control this processor from your PC! You could run all your cameras to a central location where this processor would be located then run just one connection to a main monitor that could be quite a distance away then use the remote control option to remotely freeze select cameras and change modes! Of course you'll need special software to do this (Or maybe write your own! The ASCII values are in the manual!) as well as a special cable. (Or make your own! Easy to follow wiring diagrams are also shown in the manual!) For added versatility this unit also includes a quad only output in addition to the standard one.This processor is a perfect match for our high quality color monitor. Get this great professional processor keep an eye on all your cameras and have room to expand!<div align="center"> SPECIFICATIONS Refresh Rate:á Digital Color:á Video Format:á Video Input:á Video Output:á Switching: Freeze Feature: Switch Pause Time: Camera Title: Resolution: Power Supply: Dimensions: Weigh:á á 30 FPS 16.7 million true color NTSC/PAL 4 BNC connectors 75 Ohms 2 BNC connectors 75 Ohms One Quad One Normal Auto Sequential Yes Adjustable (1-30 seconds) 1-30 Characters
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