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Battery Pack for R-CCD315 and R-CCD317

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Battery Pack for R-CCD315 and R-CCD317

Brief Description of this Kit:

<form method=post action="/cgi-bin/commerce.exe">Battery Pack for CCD317 and CCD315áMake Your Camera Mobile!<ul> <li>Battery Pack Base takes 4 AA batteries<li> Up to 4 hours of continuous power<li> Give your camera some mobility!</ul>A simple battery pack is all it takes to give your X10 camera real wireless capability. This battery pack not only frees you from your AC adaptor but also makes a neat mounting base that all your excess power cable will roll into on the included spool. It's like having a mobile TV studio in the palm of your hand! It even has a tripod mount and comes with mounting hardware. Included is an adaptor so this battery pack will power any XCam 2. We know you'll come up with some great uses for your X10 cam when it becomes completely wireless!
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