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Infra-Red Illuminator (Special Deal)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Infra-Red Illuminator (Special Deal)

Brief Description of this Kit:

<form method=post action="/cgi-bin/commerce.exe">IR Illuminator KitáDon't Let Darkness Dim Your View...See what you've been missing!Imagine being able to see in total darkness it's easy with one of our CCD video cameras and this neat-o IR illuminator! There's nothing magic about this kit - it's just an array of 24 high intensity IR LED's and appropriate drive circuitry. The real magic is in the CCD video camera. CCD sensors are sensitive to IR light that you can't see thus illuminate the scene with IR and the camera æseesæ just fine. We've selected extra high intensity LED's that are absolutely invisible to anybody (except for aliens and Casper) the whole board draws about 150 to 180 mA at 12 volts DC. Small size allows easy hiding in clocks smoke detectors pictures or any object your devious mind can think of. Pop a piece of smoked plexiglass in front (looks clear to IR) and you've hidden the light source. The whole array will illuminate similar to what you'd expect of a bright flashlight. Get one of our cameras this illuminator and . . . Well just tell us the good stuff! We offer the manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format right here! The manual is complete with the exception of the schematics. To download it click on the link and follow your browsers instructions to view or save the document. <a href=""></a>
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