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Cartoon Caper by Perry Maynard (Sold Out)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Cartoon Caper by Perry Maynard (Sold Out)

Brief Description of this Kit:

The magician reaches into a pocket and pulls out a small leatherette wallet. Inside the wallet are three Looney Tune Playing Cards. The magician takes out the three playing cards closes the wallet and places it aside. The magician then proceeds to show the three cards to the spectators noting two of the cards are identical and the remaining card is different.<BR><BR>The magician instructs one of the spectators to keep track of the odd card as he shuffles the three cards in from of him. Now the spectator is asked to point to the odd Looney Tune Card and instantly the odd card vanishes from the packet and magically reappears back in the closed wallet.<BR><BR>Includes leatherette wallet and all gaff cards necessary.
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