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Crazy Cube

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Crazy Cube

Brief Description of this Kit:

Effect Two small canisters and one small die is all that it takes to drive your audience crazy. Take a regular six-sided die and hand it to a friend. Hand him a small canister as well. Now when your back is turned have him choose a number between one and six and then place the die with the chosen number face-up inside the canister. Have him seal the canister. Turn around and hand him a slightly larger canister and ask him to inspect it. He'll find that it's perfectly normal solid full-proof. Have him stick the canister with the die in it into the slightly larger canister and seal it; and then set it on the table or keep it in his hand whichever he prefers; after all you the magician will be able to instantly and correctly guess which number he picked! In other words you'll read his mind. Instructions included. Very simple to do an very powerful. Great for the beginner.
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