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The Raven (Sold Out)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review The Raven (Sold Out)

Brief Description of this Kit:

The Raven commonly referred to as /ldquo;one of the best tricks of the last decade/rdquo; allows good magicians everywhere to perform visual vanishes the likes of which the world has never seen. Coins appear from nowhere and disappear into nowhere they shrink they change into entirely different coins they change into entirely different objects! And to perform these amazing feats no /ldquo;funny stuff/rdquo; is required - no sleight-of-hand no corniness. Simply show your wizardly hands front and back bare as a baby and suddenly a coin appears! Or display a coin a perfectly ordinary glittering coin - and suddenly it disappears! Trust us: it is just that easy just that natural; and many many additional effects with coins bills matchbooks and playing cards (not to mention the famous and invaluable /ldquo;Empty Hand Move/rdquo;) can be performed as well. Instructions included.
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