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Lite Flite

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Lite Flite

Brief Description of this Kit:

<P ALIGN=LEFT>Remember Eilonwy and her magic golden bauble? Have you ever wanted to possess a floating shimmering ball of your very own? Now you can thanks to Lite Flite - you can reach into your pocket and produce a small illuminated ball and with a word of command send it floating into the air. You can spin the ball like a miniature world as it floats in the airy air you can float it like a shooting star from one hand to the other. You can wave your hands round and round it proving there are no strings attached; and then the grand finale you can float the ball up to your pocket open your pocket and - plop! - order the ball to go back inside. We can describe it all day of course but you'll really have to see it to believe it; an absolutely enchanting trick. Instructions included.
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