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Pom Pom Pole (Sold Out)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Pom Pom Pole (Sold Out)

Brief Description of this Kit:

This trick is a CLASSIC! It is suitable for magicians who work for children of all ages. There is no preparation required. It is always ready to use. In this effect you have a length of tube with a piece of cord passing through each end. There are different colored pom-poms attached to each end of the cord. When one pom-pom is pulled by the magician another pom-pom goes into the stick indicating that it is connected. This happens no matter which pom-pom is pulled by the magi. It gives the illusion that the string has four ends. The finale' of the trick comes when the magi separates the stick to show that there is no cross-connection between the pom-poms. The stick is put together and again it works.
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