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Las Vegas 3 Card Color Monte (Special Deal)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Las Vegas 3 Card Color Monte (Special Deal)

Brief Description of this Kit:

Effect: You display 3 cards: 1 has a blue diamond on the front and the other two cards have a red diamond.<BR><BR>You explain that the cards are used to play a game of chance the object for your spectator is to keep track of the card with the blue dimaond (known as the "money card".) Finding the blue diamond wins them a dollar but if the're wrong then they lose a dollar. Pretty simple right? Now comes the story of how you one time got swindled....<BR><BR>Starting off the guy places the money card on the bottom. He asks "where's the money card?" Figuring this would be easy you said "the bottom". However as the cards are turned over we see that the card isn't at the bottom!.<BR><BR>The story continues until you're in $7 in debt! But before you can say "I quit" The guy says "I'll give you one more shot. Double or nothing." You agree. The guy turns over the first card with the red diamond and says "Here's the red diamond" and then "here's the blue diamond" as he turns over the second card..<BR><BR>"If you can tell me what color the third card is you walk away owing nothong. But if you're wrong you owe me double.".<BR><BR>"Watch it be red and blue" you say..<BR><BR>He holds up the final card and says "Nope! Double or nothing... You owe me $14 bucks!"
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