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Michael Ammar - Exciting World Of Magic

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Michael Ammar - Exciting World Of Magic

Brief Description of this Kit:

Paul Harris Co-Wrote The Exciting World With Michael. Their Professional Advice On Things They Wish They Had Known When They Were Starting Out Is Worth More Than The Price Of The Video--But You'll Love The Magic! This Is Amazing Magic--Performed Then Clearly Explained--With Step-Bystep Close Up Instructions From The Perfect View! No Other Magic Video Is As Complete Because It Also Features Insider Advice On: Buying Magic Joining Clubs Attending Conventions Subscribing To Magazines Easy Tricks Vs. Hard Tricks Practice The Basic Rules--And When To Break Them! Discover Mind Reading Magic With Cards Coins Sponge String Finger Rings Rubber Bands Balloons And More! These Secrets Give You The Power To Entertain Almost Anywhere Almost Anytime! Amaze People Just Minutes After Watching!
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