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Pro Boat Miss Bud RTR 1/12 Unlimited Hydro (Special Deal)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Pro Boat Miss Bud RTR 1/12 Unlimited Hydro (Special Deal)

Brief Description of this Kit:

Flying across the water at speeds of up to 30 mph the new Pro Boat 1/12 Miss Budweiser RTR Hydro is about as close as you can get to experiencing firsthand the adrenaline fueled rush of Unlimited Hydro racing this side of a Nomex suit and a crash helmet. Meticulously modeled after the most successful unlimited hydro in racing history the Pro Boat Miss Budweiser was designed to fulfill the need for speed just like its full-scale inspiration owned by legendary racing figure Bernie Little. Its sleek 27.5" long hull is professionally built from fiberglass painted and detailed in authentic Miss Budweiser colors and sealed with a fuel-proof clear coat finish. Nestled inside this gorgeous exterior is a water-cooled Dynamite .15 Marine nitro engine fitted with a tuned pipe. Directional stability is maintained with a stainless steel rudder that is complemented by a turn fin on the right sponson.
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