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Pro BoatSanibel 36-600 RTR Sailboat

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Pro BoatSanibel 36-600 RTR Sailboat

Brief Description of this Kit:

The new Sanibel 36-inch ready-to-run sailboat lets you take life a little easier. It's absolutely a no-compromise experience completely wind-driven and perfect for a quiet weekend when you want nothing on your mind except a cool breeze and the calm ripple of the water. The Sanibel offers an accurate and authentic scale look; a handcrafted fiberglass composite hull that maintains its toughness and attractive shine; JR's comfortable Beat Gear 2-channel AM radio system and sail winch servo; a lightweight water-resistant nylon sail; anodized aluminum 2-piece mast and booms for easy transport and more. It's a breeze for beginners tooùthe easy-to-read rigging instructions will have you sailing in less than two hours. Features <ul> <li>Almost completely RTR only a few hours' assembly time <li>Pre-painted fiberglass composite hull <li>Sail Winch Servo provides more torque to operate the sails <li>Aluminum 2-piece mast and nylon sails </ul>
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