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Remote Control Hovercraft (Blue Available)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Remote Control Hovercraft (Blue Available)

Brief Description of this Kit:

The Hovercraft is supplied with three powerful motors rubber air-bag skirt dual-drive props with safety cages top-mount air compressor; dual-stick three-channel radio control transmitter with lift-cut button; owner's manual. Runs on Ice Snow Sand Water and just about any flat surface The speed of the Hovercraft is Appx: 7 MPH on the water up to 10 MPH on slick cement or Marble (slick floors ) The range is up to 200 feet! Amaze your friends with this radio-controlled hovercraft! It jets over surfaces on a cushion of air - just like the real thing! Three separate powerful motors shoot pressurized air downwards and provide the power to blast over snow water glass carpet or even the living room floor. Speed: 10 MPH
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