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Science Fair Projects Kits Review GWS ZERO FIGHTER PARK FLYER

Brief Description of this Kit:

During WWII there were few allied fighters that could come close to matching the maneuverability of the Zero. For a park flyer the GWS version is plenty nimble also thanks to ailerons on the wings and the obust 300C motor. Top speed is around 35 mph a tad brisk for indoor flight but ideal for aerobatics in the park. We're talking loops from straight and level (inside or out) barrel rolls inverted passes even rolling circles. The Zero's slow-speed behavior is excellent too; it is a park flyer. Flying around at reduced throttle we wrapped the Zero into tight 20' wide circles without a hint of a tip stall. Normal stalls were tame and could be recovered from quickly. This stability made for tranquil takeoffs and landings. If you want to spice up your park flying experience the GWS Zero Fighter is a great way to go about it. Its semi-scale lines aerobatic ability and stable slow-flight stability make it about as well-rounded a park flyer as you could hope for.
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