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Pro Boat Miss Bud RTR 1/8 Unlimited Hydro

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Pro Boat Miss Bud RTR 1/8 Unlimited Hydro

Brief Description of this Kit:

Measuring just over 3 feet in length and capable of speeds of up to 35mph the 1/8-scale Miss Budweiser from Pro Boat is quite simply the ultimate ready-to-run radio controlled hydro. Its fiberglass hull comes completely assembled and ready for action with an authentic Miss Budweiser paint scheme and potent 23cc Zenoah G-23 Marine Engine. Control is provided by JR's sophisticated XR3i programmable pistol-grip radio system that like the engine is completely installed. Because it runs on gasoline you don't need any starting equipment and can run all day on just a couple bucks worth of unleaded. Just add batteries for the R/C system gas it up and you're ready to go. For the ultimate in R/C boating thrills nothing else even comes close. *The 1/8-Scale Miss Budweiser is available in the U.S. U.S. Territories and Canada only. Features <ul> <li>No assembly required; add batteries gas and go! <li>Speeds of up to 35 mph <li>Long-lasting gasoline-resistant fiberglass hull <li>Authentic Miss Budweiser paint scheme <li>Waterproof radio compartment keeps electronics dry <li>Equipped with a potent 23cc Zenoah G23 Marine Engine <li>Completely installed XR3i programmable pistol grip radio system </ul>
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