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CEN 1/10 Nitro Grey Thunder with .16 engine RTR (28+ mph) (Sold Out)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review CEN 1/10 Nitro Grey Thunder  with .16 engine RTR (28+ mph) (Sold Out)

Brief Description of this Kit:

<META NAME="CREATED" CONTENT="20031030;12494712"> |t|<META NAME="CHANGED" CONTENT="20031030;14013981"> <P>(GP) Grey Thunder - with .16 engine<BR>T-CEN2058</P> <P>Let us introduce you to CEN's newest addition to its high-performance boat line: the Grey Thunder. The very toughest roughest waves are no match for this cool craft with its true deep /ldquo;V/rdquo; hull design and its reliable NX-16 engine. The Grey Thunder is stern driven and its 2.67cc engine comes standard with a water-cooling head that's connected to a high-performance tuned pipe for the high-speed watery action you crave. It also comes to you ready-to-run; just grip the included Mirage III pistol grip radio set her in the water and go! </P> <P><B>Specifications:</B></P> <UL> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">GP version</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Length: 820mm (32.28/rdquo;)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Width: 270mm (10.63/rdquo;)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Height: 190mm (7.48/rdquo;)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Screw D40-1.6</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Power: .16 (2.67cc) marine engine</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Weight: 1.90kg (4.22lbs)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Drive System: Shaft drive system</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Duration of cruising: |t|approximately 5 minutes/75cc</P> </UL>
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