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de Havilland Giant Chipmunk Kit

Science Fair Projects Kits Review de Havilland Giant Chipmunk Kit

Brief Description of this Kit:

From 1949-1973 the de Havilland Chipmunk served with distinction as the military trainer to the Royal Air Force. Today it serves as an easy way to begin enjoying the added dimensions of giant-scale modeling. Fun Scale kits have been making R/C flight easier and more affordable for more than 20 years-and the 1/5 scale Chipmunk 1.20 is no exception. From the start construction puts modelers at ease through the use of simple straightforward structures and crisp die-cut wood parts-features found on many sport-scale kits. A minimum of carving and the inclusion of a few key precision-formed parts help hold assembly time down while adding detail to a surprisingly true-to-scale profile-and authentic appearance to a gentle forgiving flier.
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