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F-86F Sabre GP DF w/O.S. (Special Deal)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review F-86F Sabre GP DF w/O.S. (Special Deal)

Brief Description of this Kit:

For advanced fliers ducted fan jets represent a challenge a chance to put their piloting skills against one of the most demanding areas of R/C flying. Kyosho's F-86F Ducted Fan ARF helps pilots step up to the challenge and meet it head on with performance and affordability. There's no need to make separate investments in a kit engine and ducted fan unit because the F-86F includes all three. An O.S. .15CV-DF provides the power. Kyosho's new fiberglass ducted fan unit converts it to thrust. And a compact fiberglass and balsa airframe not only optimizes the power-to-weight ratio but reduces building and finishing time to surprisingly low levels. An unbeatable combination of price and performance an affordable way to realize a dream -- Kyosho's F-86F ARF.
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