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HPI Nitro Rush RTR 2WD Stadium Truck (Special Deal)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review HPI Nitro Rush RTR 2WD Stadium Truck  (Special Deal)

Brief Description of this Kit:

An ingenious new overflow system make sure excess fuel is directed not around the rest of the truck but through a hole in the bottom of the chassis. Awesome! The steering servo connects directly to the front steering arms through a huge servo saver so you won't have to worry about your servo taking any damage while running the Nitro Rush. The receiver lies in a protected area of the chassis in front of the fuel tank covered by a door in the upper deck. A body clip holds the door shut preventing fuel and dirt from damaging the electronics.All-new wheels and tires compliment the radical styling of the Nitro Rush body: Type F5 5-spoke truck wheels in a cool molded dark gray color are wrapped with all-purpose HPI multi-rib front and "X" rear tires. This combination is great for all-around traction and fun! On the street the tires won't wear out quickly and in the rough stuff the grip is phenomenal!
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