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CEN 1/10 Electric Aqua Jet with 550 motor RTR (15+ mph) (Special Deal)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review CEN 1/10 Electric Aqua Jet  with 550 motor RTR (15+ mph)   (Special Deal)

Brief Description of this Kit:

<META NAME="CREATED" CONTENT="20031030;14450347"> |t|<META NAME="CHANGED" CONTENT="20031030;15024698"> <P>(EP) Aqua Jet - with 550 motor<BR>T-CEN2055</P> <P>The Aqua Jet is truly the perfect choice for the the watery world of high-speed boat racing. Featuring the reliable 550 motor it really rams through the waves and is a top-seller all over the country. It comes to you ready-to-run with a durable high performance radio the hull is molded from yellow plastic so that you don't have to waste time and money on paint and the racing decals and cabin heads are included. What does this mean for you? It means a lot less time on dry land a lot more time out there in the blue!</P> <P><B>Specifications:</B></P> <UL> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Requires 2 7.2V batteries (1300 - 3000 MaH); requires 4 AA batteries for the receiver</P><LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">EP version</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Length: 740mm (29.1/rdquo;)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Width: 230mm (9.1/rdquo;)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Height: 160mm (6.3/rdquo;)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Screw D42x1.4</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Power: 550 motor</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Weight: Approximately 1500g (3.1 |t|lbs)/2000g (4.4 lbs)</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Drive system: Direct shaft system</P> |t|<P STYLE="font-weight: medium"></P> </UL> <P><BR><BR> </P>
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