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CEN 1/10 Nitro Citroen Xsara WRC TR4 series (50+ mph)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review CEN 1/10 Nitro Citroen Xsara WRC TR4 series (50+ mph)

Brief Description of this Kit:

<META NAME="CREATED" CONTENT="20031030;15070422"> |t|<META NAME="CHANGED" CONTENT="20031030;15370028"> <P>Citroen Xsara WRC<BR>T-CEN9314</P> <P>The Citroen has always raced at the very highest levels. The perfect choice for any hobbiest looking for that fast affordable ready-to-run beauty the Wildfire comes with the powerful NT .16 2.6 racing engine a lightweight adjustable two-speed transmission a simple and highly reliable twin belt designed for improved acceleration and blistering speeds (of up to 50 miles per hour!) and much much more. Plus it'll arrive at your doorstep professionally painted and decaled so that you can race to the track and get racing without any hassle. And once you see the luxurious Mirage III two-channel pistol grip radio with adjustable trims servo reversing and steering dual rate to keep you in control you'll think you've died and gone to RC heaven.</P> <P><B>Features:</B></P> <UL> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">High performance 2.6 cc .16 true |t|A.B.C. racing engine |t|</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">New large oversized cooling head</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Dual-chambered racing style tuned |t|pipe</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Slide carburetor with both high |t|and low end needle adjustments</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Light weight 2-speed |t|transmission with adjustable shifting</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Oil filled coil over shocks</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Racing style fuel tank with stone |t|filter and no-leak primer</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Adjustable rear toe-in</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Solid double deck aluminum |t|chassis with countersunk holes</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Racing style .080 sway bar</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Ball bearings included</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">High performance Teflon clutch |t|shoes</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Fiber brake disc</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Adjustable front and rear caster</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Adjustable steering Ackerman</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Highly efficient twin belt design |t||t|</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium">Uses all-standard sedan-hex |t|wheels</P> |t|<LI><P STYLE="font-weight: medium"
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