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R-1 Pro PCM TX / RX Only w/Module

Science Fair Projects Kits Review R-1 Pro PCM TX / RX Only w/Module

Brief Description of this Kit:

Call it "bleeding" edge. Call it ingenious. Call it art. JR's new R-1 Pro is all of these things and more. It takes all the advanced programming features and sophisticated engineering of the first R-1 and adds an impressive array of new features that easily make this racing system the best you can buy. At the top of the list is the addition of FPPM Fast Frame Rate Modulation. FPPM provides accelerated interaction between the transmitter and receiver that gives the competitive racer an almost telekinetic link with their car truck or boat. A progressive steering wheel spring further enhances the silky smooth feel. Stunning gold trim adorns the transmitter unit giving it the kind of high-class look one would expect with a radio of this quality. For the racer who demands nothing less than the best nothing else comes close to the R-1 Pro from JR.
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