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O.S. BGX-1 3500 w/Remote Needle Valve

Science Fair Projects Kits Review O.S. BGX-1 3500 w/Remote Needle Valve

Brief Description of this Kit:

This BGX-1 is the engine of choice for those Giant Scale Modelers. The BGX-1 35cc Engine was designed as a lighter more powerful less vibration and more compact alternative to the converted chainsaw gasoline engines. One drawback; fuel economy is better with the chainsaw engines and fuel is less expensive. The BGX-1 includes an engine mount that mounts to the firewall in the same bolt pattern as the backplate-style engine mounts that come with SuperTigre's models S2000 S2500 and S3000(K) engines. You can directly replace any of those engines with the BGX-1 without redrilling your firewall. This engine is covered under the O.S. 2-YEAR WARRANTY.
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