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PCM 10X Aircraft 4-8231 Servos / Case (72/50MHz)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review PCM 10X Aircraft 4-8231 Servos / Case (72/50MHz)

Brief Description of this Kit:

The PCM 10X is JR's top-of-the-line radio system engineered expressly for pilots looking for the absolute best in radio control. This radio features the most advanced hardware and now software in the radio control industry. The 10X is housed in an all-new magnesium cast case for strength style and function. The case also features non-slip contoured backing for a firm comfortable grip. The 10X features removable rubber tabs on the back of the transmitter allowing easy access to gimbal spring tension adjustment. The included Sanyo? 1100 mAh NiCd can be charged in the transmitter or easily removed and charged outside of the transmitter courtesy of the charge jack that is built into the battery pack itself. The PCM 10X system also includes JR's Ultra Precision Digital Servo - the 8231. These servos have 5 times the holding strength of a regular analog servo. Features like these are exactly what you would expect from JR.
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