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Python AM Pistol 2-Z250 (27MHz)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Python AM Pistol 2-Z250 (27MHz)

Brief Description of this Kit:

Value conscious R/C car and boat enthusiasts have always been hard pressed to find a radio system that offered the features they wanted at a price they wanted to pay until now! JR's 2-channel AM pistol-grip Python radio has two important features that other radios in this price range can't match making it the radio of choice for beginners and budget minded racers. Adjustable steering rate is provided via an easily accessible thumb wheel while a built-in charge jack allows the option of utilizing rechargeable NiCd batteries. (NiCds can even be recharged while remaining in the transmitter!) Of course the standard features you'd expect from JR are included such as servo reversing switches throttle and steering trim knobs analog voltage meter and JR's world famous wrap- around biocurve feel. The Python system includes JR's NER-102 mini receiver with BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuitry) two JR 510 servos switch harness and servo mounting hardware. The system features a rubber grip steering wheel and convenient handle and is self standing.
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