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Futaba 9ZAS/9Z WC2 w/TK-FSS / R309DPS

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Futaba 9ZAS/9Z WC2 w/TK-FSS / R309DPS

Brief Description of this Kit:

Futaba's 9-channel radios represent the absolute finest in radio control -- and the 9Z WC2 systems offer even more flexibility precision and convenience. They can be customized to the "nth" degree with Futaba's legendary level of sophistication flexibility and adjustability. Want to fly aircraft sailplanes AND helicopters? Futaba's 9Z WC2 says 'no problem'! Both radio packages A and H include all the exact same software to allow you to fly any and every type of model you can think of including powered aircraft 5 helicopter swashplate types and 3 sailplane types! The H version offers the heli-focused pilot ratchet-less throttle and a more heli-friendly switch layout as well as removal of the snap-roll-direction switches.
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