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X-378 FM Aircraft 4-537 (72MHz)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review X-378 FM Aircraft 4-537 (72MHz)

Brief Description of this Kit:

For the accomplished modeler who's looking for an extremely capable programmable 7-channel system at an affordable price JR?äó now offers the full-featured X-378 that has everything they need. It comes loaded with software for helicopter airplane and glider operations and uses logical navigation pathways which anyone familiar with programmable systems will find easy to master. A large LCD screen displays all this programming info in an equally logical manner. Besides the wide variety of programming options the X-378 possesses other state-of-the-art features such as digital trims on all four-stick axis. The throttle trim benefits from JR's new one-touch?äótechnology that allows a modeler to use the trim switch to shut down the engine and then with just one "bump" of the switch back up return it to its original setting. A high quality flightpack comprised of JR's Slimline R700 FM receiver and S537 Standard Ball Bearing Servos round out the system package. Other features include 8-modelmemory data transfer DSC capability and selectable FM and PCM (both Z / S) modulation. For a radio that blends phenomenal power with welcome affordability look no further than the X-378. To find out more stop by your local JR dealer and ask for a demo.
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