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WAO Kranius (Programmable) (no soldering required)

Science Fair Projects Kits Review WAO Kranius  (Programmable)  (no soldering required)

Brief Description of this Kit:

OWI introduces the fourth generation of WAO programmable robot kits and WOW is it spectacular! WAO Kranius is a two-wheeled robot that you can program without a personal computer. The intellectual brain consists of an 8 bit micro-controller and keyboard with 33 tactile buttons. This bundle of brains can store up to 60 programming steps and 30 FOR-NEXT multiplex loops. In addition to its futuristic and powerful design it features 6 vision sensors to see in front and below the robot. The eyes that enable it to see in front of itself has two infrared LEDs and an infrared detector IC. 4 floor light sensors (CdS sensor) will enable it to distinguish the contrast of light underneath its shell.
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